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My cooking story is a bit different from other chefs. I didn’t study at cooking school. My background was totally different. I already had some skills, I always helped out my mum and grandma when we had to cook for Christmas or Easter days. I sweetly remember when I helped my grandma making homemade gnocchi with my fingers. It was great. I was so proud to spend time with her and if I close my eyes, I can even remember the smell of the flour and the amazing atmosphere of those happy days of celebrations.

But one day I decided to leave my country with my passion. And here I am. During my travels around the word I had the chance to join the hospitality industry. I discovered I really enjoyed cooking, it gave me a chance to study languages and pay the bills as well. So day by day working side by side with my colleagues I was keen and my skills got better. Traveling gave me a chance to stay in touch with different cultures and diverse background, learning and comparing new ways of cooking.

I am very happy of what I am now, taking a chance to thank all the people I met, because without them, I couldn’t have followed my path and they have made me wiser, more professional, self confident and more aware of myself than ever before.

My cooking styles


Inherited from the Greeks , improved in Italy

Sea food dishes

Delicacies from the sea.
Vegan ingredients for recipe


Healty food for healty people.

Pizza Chef

From Naples to your tables.

My influences

Inspiration from everywhere.

I have been inspired by the italian chef Simone Rugiati,

strong supporter of simple, easy and mediterranean cuisine mostly from italian heritage . I was used to watch him during his television programs and I never missed them, trying to improve new ways to cook and new ideas to increase my knowledge.



I have been ispired by Jamie Oliver as well,

the English chef that is conquering the world. He promotes healthy and mediterranean cuisine but with an English touch.

When I can I watch his tv programs and write down his recipes, it is a pleasure to listen how he introduces the preparation of the dishes.

Let the
  • LOVE
  • LIFE
inspire you.
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Review for Mediterranean
Fantastic dinner

The food was excellent, Fabio also showed professionalism, great communication before the event. Thanks again, i will book him again for sure

Review for Mediterranean
Sunday roast

Superb Sunday lunch spent with my husband. The sir loin roast was so tender and juicy, sauted vegetables and hand made gravy too. I will call Fabio again for sure. Cheers

Review for Pizza
Pizza dinner

Amazing and funny dinner with my friends. Pizza was so delicious, lots of different flavours, you could taste the homemade difference and finest ingredients. Thanks Fabio for the fantastic pizza dinner, we really enjoyed.

19 reviews «1 of 7»

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