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My cooking story is a bit different from other chefs. I didn’t study at cooking school. My background is totally another story. I learned cooking skills at home, as I always helped out my mum and grandma when we had to cook for Christmas or Easter days. I sweetly remember when I helped my grandma making homemade gnocchi with my fingers. It was great. I was so happy to spend time with her, and if I close my eyes I can even remember the smell of the flour and the joyful atmosphere of those happy days of celebrations.

Then, I decided to leave my country to discover the world, and my passion for food came along with me. And here I am. During my journeys around the word I had the chance to join the hospitality industry. I found out I really enjoy cooking, and it was not something I had to do just to study languages and pay the bills. Day by day, working with my colleagues, my keen interest grew and my skills improved. Travelling gave me the chance of getting in touch with different cultures and backgrounds, which taught me new recipes and ways of cooking.

I am very happy of what I am now, and every day I thank all the people I met, because without them, I wouldn’t have followed my path. Also, they made me wiser, more professional, self confident, and more aware of myself than I would ever been.

My cooking styles


Inherited from the Greeks, improved in Italy.

Sea food dishes

Delicacies from the sea.
Vegan ingredients for recipe


Healty food for healthy people.

Pizza Chef

From Naples to your tables.

My influences

Inspiration from everywhere

I was inspired by the Italian chef Simone Rugiati,

strong supporter of simple, easy Mediterranean cuisine, mostly from Italian heritage. I used to watch his TV show, and I never missed an episode, trying to improve my cooking style and create new recipes from his ideas.

I was ispired by Jamie Oliver,

the British chef that is conquering the world. He promotes healthy and Mediterranean cuisine but with an English touch.

Everytime I can, I watch his TV show and write down his recipes, it is a pleasure to listen how he introduces the preparation of the dishes.

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Review for Mediterranean


Review for Sea Food
Saturday dinner

“Fabio was professional , communicating in various occasions before the dinner in order to nail the details of the event. He arrived early and was well organised. Food was really good and he was great at accommodating various food allergies. Finally , he was nice and friendly to have around.”

Review for Mediterranean
Dinner surprise

“This weekend was fabulous. Chef Fabio’s food was delicious, in particular his forest fruit dessert. Fabio had communicated frequently before the event making it easy for me to plan and arrange the surprise dinner. I had specific dietary requirements, and Fabio happily catered for this, ensuring all the food was suitable for my guest and I. On the day, Fabio arrived early and well prepared. He had printed and layed out the menus on the dinning table, making the experience that more special. I would like to thank Fabio for a well organised dinner that really tasted wonderful! thanks Fabio!”

25 reviews «1 of 9»

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